Com os pensamentos é o mesmo: encavalitam-se cá dentro, são catapultados pelas teclas da máquina de teclar pensamentos, a tua cabeça faz o trabalho, mas não dás opinião prévia.

It’s the same with thoughts: they overlap inside, are catapulted by the keys of the typing machines, endlessly typing out thoughts your head does
the job but you have no opinion over it.

Apresentação na Foundation ONA Ville des Arts, Casablanca. 2017
My definitive opinion, to wrap up the subject; thoughts, even the most boring, are the reason for us to be, even if they’re limp and lame. How would you reach fulfilment if you didn’t think?
A – That’s it! We’d be dull – mouth drying word. How could we justify our condition of being the only beings with a typewriter attached to us?
I’d still like to know if there is, hidden in behind dome curtains in our brain, a typist for all that typing.